Huawei, one of the world’s largest technology providers, introduced its native mapping and navigation application Petal Maps, across the Middle East and Africa in June 2021. It is now available on all Huawei Mobile Services and Android products, including Huawei’s latest releases, HUAWEI nova 9 and HUAWEI WATCH 3 | 3 Pro.

Users can now experience Lane Level Guidance Navigation and Smartwatch Navigation on the go while walking, cycling, or during a gym session.

Launched across 166 countries, Petal Maps supports multiple language displays and voice notifications, including English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Mandarin.

Providing users with “a new way to explore the world”, Huawei upgraded the application with a 3D view for an interactive experience, enabling users to explore surroundings with smooth and seamless transitions in any direction.

The ‘Turn-by-Turn Navigation’ feature lets users find the best possible route for their destination based on real-time traffic updates with voice notifications on every turn, making their journey pleasant.

Integration of real-time public transport information will help the users in planning their trips. They can get updated schedules, departure, and arrival times of local metros, buses, trains, and more.

Petal Maps also gives the feature of listing down favourite restaurants and syncing the information to the cloud by logging into HUAWEI ID and accessing the list on every Huawei device.

One of the prominent features of the app is Co-Creators that lets the user explore their surroundings and interact with millions of Petal Maps Co-Creators to build an ever-changing world.

The application can be downloaded from AppGallery using the following link: appgallery.huawei
Users can also download Petal Maps from other application stores.

Source: golin-mena

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