The Friends of Diabetes Association, one of the health-promoting organizations under the Health Promotion Department of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, has recently launched its annual “Super Hero” awareness campaign, in cooperation with the Emirates Schools Establishment, Sharjah Education Council (SEC), and Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA).

Some 45 public and private schools in the Emirate of Sharjah and Central Region are taking part in the 4-month campaign, which lasts until 16 June and aims to raise awareness of students about diabetes prevention, encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles, and engage in physical activity.

This came during a virtual press conference held by the Association in the presence of Her Excellency Khawla Al-Haj, Head of the Friends for Diabetes Association, Her Excellency Aisha Al-Sei, Director of the Student Care and Protection Department, Emirates Schools Establishment, Shaima Al Hosani Head of the Nursing Department at Sharjah Education Council, and representatives of a number of Sharjah’s government institutions, participating schools, and the campaign sponsors.

“The Super Hero Campaign is one of our most important programs and projects, which focuses on raising awareness of our students about diabetes and stimulating them to adopt healthy lifestyles and physical activity. Super Hero Campaign also plays an important role in securing a safe and supportive environment for children with diabetes to help them manage and control their disease effectively,” said Khawla Al-Haj.

She added: “This year’s edition is packed with a lot of innovative initiatives, including virtual workshops on diabetes and interesting contests and activities on social medial platforms.”

The campaign also includes the electronic distribution of the Super Hero Bag to the participating schools, virtual workshops for school nurses to enhance their professional competence, and seminars for students on diabetes. In addition, the Association will be also organizing 3 educational contests that aim to convey the message of the campaign to the students and school management.

Source: Misbar Communications

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