Kick-start your weekend at Asma, the contemporary Middle Eastern fusion restaurant that happens to be The Dubai Mall’s best kept secret. Take yourself on a flavourful journey around the East with the vast selection of breakfast options at Asma available every weekend from Thursday to Saturday. Indulge on homely meals specially curated to take your taste-buds on a traditional trip with a special twist added exclusively by Asma from 10am to 12.30pm.

Using the finest and freshest ingredients Asma has whipped up a variety of options to suit any mood. For those looking to revel in a large hearty breakfast can opt for the Al Quds Breakfast which features three tiers of classic goodness, fresh bread, falafels, pickles and more bread! The contemporary venue offers guests a range of cheesy dishes that include the tasty assortment on the cheese board or the mouth-watering baked feta. The breakfast is not complete without the breakfast staple, eggs. Asma showcases a variety that include a creamy Soft Scramble, to a lip-smacking Eggs & Tomatoes, Mushroom Scramble in a Roll and Turkish Eggs.

Using the freshest ingredients, bringing a whole new meaning to farm to table, Asma excites the palette with their true to tradition offerings. Harnessing tradition from various parts of the Middle East and putting their own spin on it, Asma boasts an extensive menu with something appetising for all. The versatile outlet makes for the perfect stop as you shop lunch and an eventful dinner experience.

Source: Coffee Communications

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