The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI), represented by Sharjah Training & Development Center (STDC), recently concluded the “Business English” training course, which comes as part of the Chamber’s initiative “SCCI in all languages” and aims to enhance the cultural awareness of the language of business whether locally or globally and to learn about new cultures, as well as to exchange experience and knowledge in different business sectors.

About 12 trainees from the Chamber’s female employees took part in the course which focused on the language of meetings and presentation skills, institutional excellence and leadership, the key to entrepreneurship and how to create a "brand", how to write a professional email, and how to create a professional business report in accordance with the highest international standards.

Maryam Saif Al Shamsi, Assistant General Director, Support Sector of the SCCI, explained that the training course falls within the Chamber’s strategy to foster openness towards different cultures, by introducing the SCCI’s various services in different languages, thus reaching the largest segment of business communities from the country and beyond.

Al Shamsi stressed that the Chamber is keen to fulfill the needs of entrepreneurs through a wide range of training programs and workshops organized by the STDC to help them overcome all the challenges they face.

Amal Al Ali, Director, STDC, stated that the 3-week training course was developed by an elite group of experts and was moderated by Trainer Ehab Ramzi, pointing out that the goal behind such events is to enhance the competency and professionalism of trainees, which is reflected in the quality and performance of the institutions they work for or they manage, noting that the course touched on the professional matters the employee or the entrepreneur need while doing their business.

Source: Misbar Communications