Beyond Water, the UAE-based atmospheric water generator (AWG) technology leader, will outline its vision for curing the Middle East and Africa’s (MEA) water security challenges at this week’s 5th Arab Water Forum in Dubai.

As Government delegations from the Arab world and over half a dozen African nations gather at Arab Water Forum - the most important water-related event in the region runs September 21-23 at Grand Hyatt Dubai - Beyond Water plans to demonstrate how its scalable and sustainable technology offers cost-effective solutions across the water, electricity, energy and agriculture spheres and beyond.

“With six times more water in the atmosphere than all the world’s rivers combined, our goal is to help solve the world’s water scarcity and security challenges by accessing Earth’s greatest untapped water source - the atmosphere - to sustainably advance humanity and ensure communities have access to safe, clean drinking water and sanitation facilities. Beyond Water aims to help change the world by aiding and saving communities, economies and the planet,” said Roheen Berry, Chief Executive Officer of Beyond Water.

“Beyond Water’s next-generation technology can transform air into safe, 100% pure drinking water, aiding the regional and global community’s transition to sustainable, cost-efficient net producers of water. The sky is not only our limit, it is our greatest asset,” added Berry.

With 783 million people currently not having access to clean water - equating to approximately one in 10 people globally - according to the World Health Organisation, Beyond Water aims to revolutionise the way the world accesses and uses water at all social levels, from personal consumption to small-to-large scale agricultural and industrial use.

“In the Middle East and Africa region, where water security regularly tops government agendas alongside food security and industrial growth – all of which demand high water usage – we are in a unique position to make real change via scalable anywhere-anytime solutions which can change the lives of countless communities across the region, improve the environment, and foster new employment opportunities in a diverse array of sectors. Our renewables-powered technology provides a carbon-negative water source to benefit communities and economies with critical and immediate needs,” added Lee Brett, Chief Business Officer at Beyond Water.

Harnessing patented AWG solutions developed by Maithri Aquatech, the strategic alliance is already engaged in projects with the United States Agency for International Development and is assisting some of the world’s largest companies including Amazon, Google and Microsoft to become water secure and sustainable in-line with their respective ESG and carbon net zero targets.

Additional Beyond Water projects have involved providing immediate relief and mitigating waterborne disease risk for victims of the Kerala floods; securing clean drinking water for students at an all-girls school in Dehradun - the largest city in the Indian state of Uttarakhand – which resulted in immediate improvements in student health and attendance; aiding Indian Railways’ corporate efforts to hydrate two million passengers and drive huge reductions in carbon footprint and plastic wastage; and launching the world’s first air to water bottling plant in Hyderabad.

Guaranteeing water securing across the MEA region now tops Beyond Water’s priority list, Brett added: “We’re very aware that Heads of State and government-level decision-makers represent the optimal route to affecting real change. In recent months our solutions have helped companies and communities across the world; from our new UAE base we are offering scalable and sustainable solutions across the Emirates and wider MEA region. Limited natural water supply is no longer a roadblock to enacting societal, environmental and infrastructure progress in the Arab world.”

Beyond Water is participating at the 5th Arab Water Forum, which runs until September 23 at the Grand Hyatt Dubai.

Source: Action 

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