Say hello to Halotherapy at Kintsugi Yoga Studio’s salt room. Halotherapy is perhaps better known as salt therapy, and we are proud to offer this ancient, natural healing technique in the heart of the city.

But why salt? Well, even if you simply lay down perfectly still in a salt room for an hour, you will feel de-stressing and relaxation benefits. There’s an added detoxifying, calming element to being in the room, too.

We offer group yoga, meditation and one-on-one sessions in our beautiful Himalayan salt room. There’s breathing technique workshops, too, and ultimately, the chance to de-stress in somewhere unlike anywhere else in our busy city.

Salt caves have been around for thousands of years. The Greeks knew a thing or two about the health properties of salt (the Greek word for salt is actually ‘halo’), and monks have long known the benefits of breathing in the fine salty mist normally found in underground caves – now available to you right here in Dubai.

A little like post-yoga savasana, it’ll do you good simply by being in the room and relaxing.

Salt has such incredible, natural, restorative properties. We invite everyone to come and take a look at the only salt room in a yoga studio right here in the heart of the city.

How does salt therapy work?

By coming in contact with salt, you can enhance your health and well-being.

This holistic, natural therapy has numerous positive effects, including a marked improvement in breathing ailments – so there’s a natural fit with yoga practice, where correct and full breathing is vital to good practice.

When we think about the uses of salt in the past, these include being a preservative, so it’s perhaps no surprise that salt is often thought to have a beneficial effect on skin conditions and the immune system, and acts as an anti-bacterial agent.

Whatever your thoughts on our salt room are, we’d love to hear them, and we’d love you to come and check it out. Perhaps as a healthy new habit?

We are reaching the season when a lot of us plan new year’s resolutions – but we think the best resolution of all is to get in touch with yourself. Why not bring in 2019 with some yoga and meditation – and let it be the year of transformation?


By Kintsugi Yoga Studio Manager, Anjaan


Source: The Shakespeare Agency