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Zulekha Hospital has launched its new 24-hour Pediatric Emergency Department in its Sharjah hospital to treat pediatric medical emergencies. The Paediatric Emergency Department provides specialised care for childbirth and new-borns, and includes a 19-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), a 3-bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), pediatric surgery, pediatric cardiology and pediatric physiotherapy.

There are several women who struggle to conceive after being able to have a child before. Such a condition is termed as secondary infertility. Studies indicate that one in eight couples suffer from infertility, in fact, according to a recent research, 11 per cent of couples who already have a child go on to experience secondary infertility. That's approximately 4 million families or about half of all infertility cases.

A new school year calls for a renewed approach to safety, health and precaution. SHAMMA Clinic, Dubai’s premier healthcare clinic for all the family, has released a set of guidelines for families to follow, allowing parents to keep their children healthy and safe all through the school year. Touching upon nutrition, habits and hygiene, SHAMMA Clinic’s paediatricians, Dr Sarah Rizk and Dr Rouba Abdennour, provide a quick back-to-school guide for parents with the best start to the school year, ensuring families are able to create a pro-productive environment whilst maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Nawzer Lala, a diabetic middle-aged gentleman, had not the foggiest idea that Optic Neuritis (ON) with positive Anti MOG syndrome is even a disease he would have to deal with. After experiencing repeated attacks of pain around the eyeball with visual loss alternatively in both eyes, Nawzer was referred to Dr. Sweta Adatia, Specialist Neurologist at RAK Hospital, who detected the problem immediately and after a complete examination concluded these attacks were episodes of Optic Neuritis (ON) linked to Anti MOG positivity.

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