Pantone previously announced that it had chosen two colours of the year for 2021: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, a combination of dull, familiar grey and the bright yellow of lemon skin.

Pantone believes that the pairing of shades will help people "fortify themselves with energy, clarity and hope" in a world that's still facing uncertainty”. The bright yellow shade, called Illuminating, is meant to evoke the "optimistic promise of a sunshine-filled day", while Ultimate Grey is a much quieter hue that speaks more of "composure, steadiness and resilience". The colour can almost be compared to durable natural elements, like time-weathered pebbles on a beach.

Creative Director of leading interior label Sedar Global home to Fujikawa and Marco Polo as well as internationally renowned brands including; Missoni Home, The Versace Home, Armani/Casa, Swarovski Crystals, Somfy and Jannelli & Volpi amongst others. Best known for its wallpapers, clever window dressing custom designed throw pillows and folding doors gives his top tips on why we should be working these trending hues into our homes this spring.

The Transformative Power of Illuminating Yellow

Incorporating pops of yellow into your home is great way to brighten it up and it’s easy enough to adapt into numerous décor styles. If you have a neutral colour theme in your home, a quick way to uplift the space is to introduce splashes of colour with accessories. White, navy, grey and black make a great background for bright pops of colour (like yellow) to be interspersed throughout your home.

Nahel Selo Creative Director at Sedar comments “you can also bring colours into any space through thoughtful styling – think soft accessories like cushions, one curtain change or wall art, vases and other decorative elements. The benefits of working with an impact hue like are illuminating yellow is It is an affordable and low-commitment way to inject some colour into your home’s décor and completely transform a space. Tie in the colour with flowers, books or even crockery that are placed on tables or shelves for display”.

The Colour Psychology of Using Yellow In Interiors

Colour affects us physiologically, illuminating yellow in particular was chosen as one of the pantone colours of the year due to its positive psychological qualities. Creating feelings of happiness, optimism and confidence for the future and ultimate grey to resonate feelings of strength and resilience as well as feeling of continuity from the natural world.  When using yellow in interiors It’s important to balance the amount of yellow that is used in the right rooms and to ensure the right tone in relation to the colour scheme otherwise negative qualities can present themselves such as irrationality and anxiety. Nahel Selo comments “the best way to determine the right hue for you is to see how they resonate with you personally and when using in spaces such as the bedroom as yellow is energy inducing use soft furnishing touches, a strip wall or accent feature rather than a large area of colour”.

Optimise A Study Space 

When creating a space conducive to learning, think about stimulating learners — but not over-stimulating them. Large fields of bright colours, like red and orange, can make you bounce off the walls. Instead, touches of yellow promote calmness, comfort, relaxation, and happiness. Yellow also helps hold learners’ attention and foster creativity, making it one of the best wall colours for a learning space.

Create a contemporary minimalist industrial study aesthetic by painting a door frame in a work space tied in with dark metallics and minimal accent accessories to make for a cohesive yet modern, calming balanced finish. Or brighten a dark forgotten space in the home such as the stairs in a hallway to make a statement and unique feature area on a budget.

Source: Galerie The Agency