New Balance have announced the release of the XC-72 silhouette, its most contemporary and progressive offering within the Shifted collection, which also includes the popular 327 and 237 styles.

Designed to embody the retro-futurism trend, which, “describes the future as seen from the past and the past as seen from the future,” says product manager, Alana Burton.

The new style will be available on and at select local retailers from today, with additional colorways dropping through the fall and suggested retail pricing from AED 499 - AED 699

Shifting from the traditional divisions of gender and designed through progressive style, the XC-72 is a unisex model with a tri-textured CR and outsole that offers a modern interpretation of the brand’s retro-runner silhouettes. The style uses chrome-free leather and suede, which utilizes better chemistry as a part of the brand’s larger commitment to sustainability.

The global launch of the XC-72 comes on the heels of the silhouette’s debut with long-time collaborator Casablanca and builds on the release of the trend-forward 327, which also combines '70s heritage and contemporary design. The XC-72 amplifies that dichotomy and accelerates the Shifted collection into a new conceptual space, blending high quality materials and modern trends with nostalgia-inducing details such as a squared toe inspired by 1970s concept car designs.

“The XC-72 is the physical embodiment of retro-futurism,” said XC-72 designer Charlotte Lee. “As with the 327, I asked myself ‘if I was a designer in the 70’s what would I create as new balance’s concept car?’. I took inspiration and specific elements from the past and reimagined them for today’s consumer. This methodology creates a timeless design that we hope will be reimagined, yet again, in another 40 years.”

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